Analytical Rate Structure

JEOL JXA-8530F Electron Microprobe



Hourly Rate
Academic & Non-profit use, Self Acquisition $45
Academic & Non-profit use with Operator Assistance* $65 (see NOTE)
Commercial/Industrial use, Self Acquisition° $183
Commercial/Industrial use with Operator Assistance* $266 (see NOTE)

*Exception to technical/operator assistance: For long-duration acquisitions (e.g., mapping, monazite dating), which require little to no operator oversight, the standard rate shall be charged for these extended acquisition periods.

°Revision Implemented 12/01/2015
Last Updated: 01/22/2016
Minimum Usage
The minimum usage charge is one hour. The maximum number of hours charged per calendar day is 12 hours. For example, costs for a 15 hour run would not be charged beyond the 12-hour maximum per calendar day. (Revision Implemented 3/23/10)
Routine coating of samples with conductive material, training, routine analytical discussions, or answering questions about operation or status do not incur any charges. 
For "contract" work on behalf of those who are not collecting and interpreting their own data, technical/operator assistance shall be assessed for one or more of the following as necesssary: (1) preparing samples ($20/hour), (2) time of instrument activity (operator assisted rate), and (3) interpreting data ($20/hour). This structure permits accounting for assistance with preparatory and interpretive efforts during periods when additional data are not being gathered on the instrument or for projects that do not involve the microprobe directly.


Current hourly rates are listed above.  To request instrument time or discuss potential projects, please contact Jim Eckert.  For users who wish an introduction to the instrument to become familiar with its capabilities, a demonstration session (~1 hour) can be scheduled at no charge.  If training is required while performing initial analyses for your research, Jim Eckert shall bring you up to speed on the machine and oversee the initial analyses of your specimens during this instruction; time shall be charged only at the standard rate throughout any training period, including oversight of all initial specimen analyses without an additional charge for "technical/operator assistance".  All users should expect to provide compensation to the laboratory for all research time on the machine.  The only exception to the foregoing is that small laboratory projects for Geology and Geophysics courses, which utilize the microprobe, are encouraged. Students, who either are properly trained or make arrangements for operator assistance, may use the equipment, on such projects, for up to 5 hours without charge. Please contact Jim Eckert with any questions or comments.  We encourage use by both academic and corporate institutions, to make optimal use of the facility.


If training on the machine is appropriate, that can be arranged directly with Jim Eckert.