Yale FEG Electron Microprobe/SEM Schedule (Geology & Geophysics)

Yale FEG Electron Microprobe/SEM Schedule (Geology & Geophysics)

Thank you for checking the microprobe schedule here. Since installation in April 2009 of the JEOL JXA-8530F microprobe (funded by the NSF(EAR-0744154) and Yale University), operation continues primarily in a fairly normal mode; in most cases we eventually are able to accomplish most needed tasks (including a 33-element oxide setup, incorporating all REE with overlaps and interferences). <!– The new era of increased resolution and automation continues. However, some operational inconsistencies remain, including software instability, communication disruptions (some of which affect execution of automated acquisition procedures), and beam-current instabilities/excursions; these software and automation problems at any given time may disrupt and/or delay scheduled sessions to a significant degree. –>

Unfortunately we no longer can provide a URL with reliably updated instrument-schedule info, resulting from a change in website execution, storage, and editing that ITS imposed a while ago.  We attempt to accommodate all interest, but the schedule can be full for days to weeks in advance.  Also, some ongoing instrument testing may be needed with little or no advance notice. If at all possible, making arrangements at least several days in advance (as many as possible) always is recommended. Also, when submitting a request for microprobe time, please include some indication what type of analysis you expect to need (e.g., EDS-qualitative and/or semi-quantitative, primarily imaging, or WDS-quantitative), along with appropriate sample details. For WDS-quantitative work, ideally this information should included at least the primary elements of interest. All scheduling must be arranged directly with Jim Eckert

Thank you for your interest.

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