Current Status

(Update current as of: 07/25/2011 17:52:25)
More than two years after installation of the new NSF(EAR-0744154)+Yale-funded JEOL JXA-8530F microprobe, operation has evolved to a fairly normal mode, and in most cases we eventually seem able to accomplish most needed tasks (including a recent 31-element oxide setup, incorporating all REE with overlaps and interferences). However, considerable software inconsistencies remain, including execution of automation procedures; these software and automation problems continue to disrupt scheduled sessions to a significant degree, as we continue documenting these software/control problems. …stay tuned for updates! Over most time periods, the JEOL 8530F electron microprobe remains UP and FULLY OPERATIONAL.
As normal conditions continue to prevail, operating time may be arranged as available, though at least 1 or 2-week advance scheduling always is recommended, especially if any training or operator assistance may be required. Access information can be found here. Schedule updates and current constraints can be found here.  
All previous users must expect to require considerable familiarization with the new JEOL-8530F interface, though we shall approach this gradually, with the hope this transition shall not be tortuous.
We expect to enable data acquisition both via Probe for Windows and using the native JEOL interface. For the most up-to-date information, please contact Jim Eckert.