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We invite your interest in our facility described below. For more information, please contact Jim Eckert using the information at the bottom of this page.

This JEOL JXA-8530F “Hyperprobe”, installed in 2009, includes five wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (WDS), an energy-dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and Windows-XP-based processing software.  Hardware and software allow automated operation and data collection; this includes image processing and feature analysis.  Jim Eckert is available to answer questions and assist users with all forms of analysis.
Accelerating voltage may be varied from 0.5 to 30 kV and probe (beam) currents maybe be varied from picoamps (esp. for high-resolution imaging) to microamps (esp. to detect low-concentration elements).  The most typical operating conditions are 15 kV, 10 - 20 nanoamps, though these currents may be revised downward with additional experience with this new instrument.
Available WDS analyzing crystals on the five spectrometer channels are:
Channel Crystal
Analyzable Range of Z (@15 kV)
1 (Gas-flow, P-10) LDE1 6-10 (Ka), 20-29 (La)
  TAP 8-15 (Ka), 24-41 (La), 57-80 (Ma)
2 (Gas-flow, P-10) LDE2 5-8 (Ka), 20-29 (La)
  TAP 8-15 (Ka), 24-41 (La), 57-80 (Ma)
3 (Sealed, Xenon) PETJ 13-26 (Ka), 36-66 (La), 71-92 (Ma)
  LIF 19-38 (Ka), 48-93 (La)
4 (Sealed, Xenon) PETJ 13-26 (Ka), 36-66 (La), 71-92 (Ma)
  LIF 19-38 (Ka), 48-93 (La)
5 (Sealed, Xenon) PETL 13-26 (Ka), 36-66 (La), 71-92 (Ma)
EDS Detector
JEOL SDD (silicon drift detector ) EDS detector: Silicon Drift x-ray detector with 10mm� active area; 133eV resolution. Detects Boron thru Uranium.
Information is available here on current hourly rates.  We encourage use by both academic and corporate institutions, to make optimal use of the facility.
Periodically, a training course for the JEOL 8530F shall be run; follow this link for current information.  Alternatively, training on the machine can be arranged directly with Jim Eckert. 
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Current Status
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